Should I hire a moving company or hire an S&S Ute

When deciding whether to move yourself or hire someone else you should decide do I have the will power and staying power. It will wear you out and tear you down, if you don’t know what you are doing.

Being organised is a great attribute and a must if you are planning to do this project yourself.

The Advantages of moving yourself: 1. You save money
2. Your friends and family may help
3. You may have sense of self accomplishment and pride, knowing you did it yourself or with help of others
4. You can do a move at your own pace and not be bound by a moving company schedule
5. If you don’t have many items, a Ute can be a great idea for a move

The Disadvantages of moving yourself or using a moving company: 1. It costs more money
2. They may take longer if they are working by the hour
3. If you do it yourself, be aware of heavy lifting, fatigue, frustration, stress and being inexperienced in moving large heavy and /or awkward or odd-shaped objects.
4. If you move long distance you may pay by the weight in addition to a flat rate.
5. It may take longer to get your items depending on the weather and their schedule.

A special note: The overall advantages of using a moving company are you don’t do any lifting, they should have insurance, they are experienced and they usually pack everything for you.

Preparing a list of things to do and following up to make sure it is done will relieve a lot of stress.

Organize yourself in the following way whether you use a moving company or do it yourself:
1. Call and compare prices with do it yourself moving versus a traditional moving company
2. Set up specific dates and times and stick to the schedule
3. Prepare and label all boxes ( if you do this make sure boxes are secure, so that items don’t fall out)
4. Try to plan the move in the morning (moving in the afternoon or evening is not recommended because you may possibly run into rush our traffic and it is difficult to maneuver when it gets dark outside)
5. Be calm, if a delay or problem occurs the worse thing you could do is lose your cool/temper and this creates total chaos.

Once the move is over, take your time and put items away. Sometimes it is a good thing to do a small move yourself, if you have good stamina and you know you have strong, healthy, willing friends or family to help you all the way to the end of the move. Weigh your options and think reasonably before taking on any project, especially moving yourself.