Smart Buyers Do It Themselves

When is the last time you bought something large and were influenced by the sign that said FREE DELIVERY.imageKG__07-13006  Oh great you say I don’t have the hassle of getting this new mattress or television home.  So you buy and it is delivered.  BUT, do you really think the delivery is free.  Of course not. retailers are not in business to give away free services.  You can bet anything that the cost of delivery is hidden in the cost of the item you just bought.  In fact, many retailers used delivery and pick up services as a profit center.  They make big money off you by charging more for an item because they have the delivery services.

Next time you buy something big, ask about a discount if you pick it up and take it home yourself.  You will be surprised at how much you can get off an item for doing it yourself.  One such customer, Bryan M, saved $100 on a fridge because he picked it up and took it home himself.  He only paid $40 to rent his Ute, so that was another $60 in his pocket to party with.

All it takes is asking and you will find that many retailers are happy to offer you savings for taking the hassle on yourself and doing to delivery.  Hiring a Ute is hassle free and quick.  Use a Ute to pick up and move items in a local area quickly and effortlessly.  S&S Ute rental has trolleys to help you move quickly and save your back.