5 Things you Should Check When Hiring a Ute

5 Things you Should Check When Hiring a Ute

Moving your belongings or any equipment can be quite stressful and it’s extremely important for you to hire the right kind of Ute. It can take some stress off the entire move. This becomes all the more important if you are transporting goods over longer distances. It’s crucial that you hire the Ute from a well-established company that will be able to provide you with well-maintained and reliable vehicles.

First Things First

When you are hiring a Ute and go to make enquiries, it is very important for you to know what your exact requirement is. This is something you will have to take care of. Any company that you approach will ask you questions related to the destination and the loads you plan on transporting. Only when you provide the company all the little details, will it be able to help you efficiently and provide the best solution.

Important Considerations

Here are five things that you should check without fail when hiring a Ute:

#1 The Price

This becomes one of the most important factors you should be checking on. You must know exactly how much you are paying and what services are covered in the cost. It’s also very important for you to check whether the services match your needs.

You will definitely be checking pricing of various companies and it is very important that you do not always settle for the cheapest one. A cheaper rental may just end up compromising in the quality of the vehicle and that is something you do not want to risk. The distance you are travelling is another factor that will impact the price.

#2 The Distance

The longer the travel distance the higher the cost of the Ute rental will be. Typically, the kilometres will have a daily limit cap. This means if you are planning on travelling on a longer distance in 1 day, it can end up being an expensive proposition.

In the same vein, the longer the duration of the hire, the cheaper the daily-rate will be. It is important for you to understand the company policy about the distance and costing about a 1-way hire if that is what you will need. This will help you understand how much extra you will have to pay

#3 Insurance

This is also an important factor and you should check if the company has the necessary insurance coverage on the vehicle before you actually hire it

#4 Track Record

Even while you check the pricing structure, their rates and look for the best deals, check the reputation of the company. If a company maintains high service quality, it will have a good track record and a number of satisfied customers. Read customer testimonials and reviews about the company and understand what their customers have to say about their services.

When you decide to hire a Ute from a well-established company, they will always ensure that the vehicle is trustworthy and that the driver is experienced and professional. But this is something you will have to check as safety should be the highest priority

#5 Documentation

Even when you zero in on a credible company to provide you with the Ute hire you need, read the complete document they give you to sign. If the company requires you to sign a contract for hiring the Ute, it will have to contain all the important details such as any deposit fees and cancellation fees, additional costs, surcharges and returning policy etc.

Pay extra attention to the cancellation policy. Cancellations tend to be quite common & you will definitely want to know what to expect in case you cancel the booking for the Ute. In most cases, if you cancel the booking beyond a certain point, it will cost you your deposit.

Make the Right Choice

Checking these 5 things will go a long way in ensuring that you make the right choice with your Ute hire. Never compromise on quality, always opt for a reputed company and ensure that all the safety aspects are taken cared of. S&S Ute & Trailer Hire is a young but well-established company that will be able to provide you a Ute on hire at the most competitive rates. For more information, call us on 1300 790 595 or contact us via this form.

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