The Best Way to Secure Furniture to a Ute

The Best Way to Secure Furniture to a Ute

If you have a Ute and want to move some furniture, you should know that there’s more to it than just loading all the things in the back and driving off. It is crucial that you load all the furniture meticulously and then secure it correctly too. It’s not really difficult at all, but many people aren’t aware about how it is to be done.

The Basics

Even before we understand exactly how to tie down loads to a Ute, it is important to keep in mind that you have to first ensure you have a safe vehicle. Even before you start to load-up, check these things:

  • Ensure that the Ute is trustworthy and safe
  • Check the tread and tyre pressure on all the 4 wheels
  • Make sure that that there is a spare wheel (an inflated one)
  • Check all the indicators and rear lights and ensure that they are functional and they are clearly visible
  • Make sure that the number plate is attached securely and clearly visible
  • In case you are towing a trailer, check the safety chain and make sure it is in working order

Plan Your Load

Before you begin loading the Ute, do a bit of planning first and pay attention to these things:

  • Place the lighter pieces on the bottom & the heavier things on top. This will hold everything together in a much better way
  • Even before you load the furniture, heavy-duty straps should be placed diagonally along the floor. The tie down straps should be attached to the anchors and the cargo should be secured tightly
  • Make an attempt to keep the load level under the Ute sides
  • In case you have some taller pieces, push them towards the front & the centre of the Ute. They will rest against the cab and will not move forwards. If it does happen to fall backwards, it will not end-up on the road
  • Ensure that there is a sufficient amount of padding in between the items. This will prevent them from bumping & rubbing against each other and causing damage
  • Do not leave any space in between all the furniture and ensure that it is all packed in tightly
  • Restrain all white goods/ tall furniture to the head boards
  • It’s a good idea to overestimate with the straps and ropes. Never use flimsy ones or any that are frayed or damaged. Secure all the furniture with ropes, webbings and straps
  • All Utes & trailers have anchor points. These are generally in the form of a rail on either side. You should attach 1 end of the rope to these & run it over as well as around each item. Next tie it off on the anchor point that is on the opposite side and ensure that it’s tight
  • It’s a good idea to use ratchet straps- these have hooks at either end and can be easily attached to the anchor points on both ends and you just move the ratchet till it tightens
  • If you have a lot of smaller pieces of furniture, use tarps or netting to cover all of it. This will prevent smaller pieces of furniture from moving
  • Check if any items are hanging from the sides of the vehicle/ obscuring the number plate
  • If any piece of furniture extends more than 1.2- meters beyond the rear or front of the vehicle, its considered a “Projecting Load” and it is a legal requirement to display some sort of a warning device

Extra Caution

Strapping down the furniture and securing it well, ensures that it will not move around too much or break free of the ropes and fall out the back or sides of the Ute while you are navigating sharp turns or if you brake suddenly.

It’s also a good idea to stop intermittently while you are on the road and check the load as well as all the straps and ropes. This entire process of securing furniture to the Ute before you transport the load, may sound like a lot of trouble, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry, isn’t it? For more information, call S&S Ute & Trailer Hire on 1300 790 595 or contact us via this form.

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