Introducing the Camp Shower Pro

Introducing the Camp Shower Pro from S&S

We all know the great feeling of a hot shower in the morning, but what happens when you’re away from home at the campground, work-site or any remote location. What happens is the shock of cold shower that jolts you awake like a slap in the face.


But what can you do? You can bring along the camp shower pro, that’s what. The portable camp shower pro brings the warm shower feeling anywhere you go. This portable package from s and s includes all you need for an enjoyable warm shower anywhere you are. The kit includes the camp shower pro unit, pump all connection hoses and hand shower head. All you need to supply is the water and a propane hookup similar to what would be used for a portable gas grill.


Setup is easy: You can mount your camp shower pro on a wall or hang it using the built in handle. Connect your propane to the camp shower pro with the included hose. Next connect your water supply to the pump and the pump to the main unit you’ll also need a twelve volt power source for the pump. Connect your hand shower and you’re ready to go. Its that simple.

There’s nothing like the feeling of a nice warm shower in the morning or after a long day on the trail. And the camp shower pro is the perfect all in one solution so you never have to shower with cold water again. Don’t forget you can also use the camp shower pro as a hot water source for any other job away from town. Use it to wash equipment, livestock or whatever you need. See more details at; .